Christopher Best – Tips for Teaching Music Students

Christopher Best is a hard working individual who is currently earning his Master’s degree in Finance from Florida International University. While in school, he is also operating his own business as a music instructor teaching students how to play the saxophone. He has a Master’s degree in Music Education, and he understands how to teach students successfully.

Christopher Best

In order to teach students music, you have to make sure you’re making your lessons engaging. This is especially true if you’re teaching younger students, as they will have a harder time staying concentrated through the basics. Learning the basics can be boring from some students, which means you have to work on making those early lessons engaging for your students.

You also need to keep early lessons frequent, but short. Having a high frequency of lessons early on will ensure that your student is able to retain the material more easily, but he keeping them short will help to keep the student from being overwhelmed by too much material. At least once or twice a week will be sufficient from most students early on.

A successful music teacher should also put a focus on strong fundamentals. Students who have a teacher willing to take the time to teach the fundamentals end up doing better as the lessons become more advanced. A strong foundation is key to learning harder material, and growing as a musician.

Christopher Best has been working as a saxophone instructor for nearly a decade, and he knows the best ways to teach his students. In addition to the saxophone, he can also play the piano, clarinet, and the flute.



Christopher Best – Tips for Teaching Music to Students

Christopher Best is a musician who is proficient in the saxophone, flute, clarinet, and piano. For the last eight years, he has been teaching students how to play the saxophone, or how to hone their skills in order to get better. He operates his own private tutoring business out of his home, and he can provide other music tutors with tips for teaching their students.

Christopher Best

Start with the basics, and don’t overwhelm a first time student. Playing an instrument takes time, and it’s important to build a strong foundation in the basics before you try to move on to anything more difficult. Make sure you take it one step at a time, and don’t overwhelm your student with too much information too early. Mastering the basics one step at a time will ensure a greater understanding in the future.

Make sure you have fun with it. Students who have teachers that make learning instruments fun, are infinitely more likely to stick with the instrument through the basics and on to more advanced material. Make sure you get your student learning some easy songs early, that not only peak the student’s interest, but also allow him to work on the basics of the instrument as well.

Keep lessons short, but frequent. In order to help your students learn more efficiently, make sure you keep your lessons short at first, but at least once or twice a week. This will ensure that the student gets enough practice, but doesn’t get stuck learning too much information too fast.

Christopher Best has a Master of Science degree in Music Education, and enjoys teaching students.

Christopher Best – Master of Finance

Christopher Best is on track to receive his Master of Finance degree from Florida International University by the end of 2016. He is a former high school music teacher who taught in the Miami-Dade County public school system for five years.

Christopher Best

His Master of Finance degree will open many doors for Christopher Best. Among the professions he will be qualified for is Financial Analyst. A Financial analyst is one of those job titles that sounds self-explanatory. A financial analyst collects and analyzes financial information, and makes recommendations to employers or clients based on his or her analysis. But of course, it is not quite so straight forward, and there are different kinds of financial analysts.

Financial analysts can be broadly divided into two types: the buy side, and the sell side. Buy side financial analysts work for institutional investors, including organizations like insurance companies, hedge funds, universities or hospitals, helping them to develop investment strategies. Sell side financial analysts work with investment banks and securities firms, helping them to price and sell their financial products. Whatever type of financial analyst it is, though, what they have in common is that they are self-starters who possess excellent people skills, as well as communication and conflict resolution skills.

Christopher Best is known for having a dynamic personality that promotes a stimulating and positive work environment. In addition to his full-time studies, he is also an intern at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, where he works exclusively with its Finance and Accounting Department.



Christopher Best – Good Choice

Christopher Best walked away from a five year career as a high school music teacher in order to enroll as a graduate student at Florida International University, where he will earn his Masters of Finance degree by the end of 2016.

Christopher Best

He has made an astute choice for his future career. A Master of Finance degree can be obtained in about a year at many schools, and can really beef up your résumé. According to a report from the Graduate Management Admission Council, the job market for people with a Master of Finance degree is especially good right now. The report said that seventy-eight percent of the employers who hired Master of Finance graduates met their hiring goals, a trend which is not expected to change anytime soon. Fifteen to twenty years ago, a Master of Business Administration would have been enough, but not anymore. “Employers are looking for more targeted work experience or interest from the actual student,” said Jeffrey Harris, the chairman of the real estate and finance departments at American University’s business school.

Fields of study for a Masters of Finance degree include statistics, financial economics, corporate finance, accounting, and related subjects.

Christopher Best is currently working at finance intern at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, working exclusively with its finance and accounting department. He holds a Masters of Music Education, also from FIU, and taught in the Miami-Dade County public school system, where he made his mark as a band leader.



Christopher Best – Twelve Perfect Games

Christopher Best is a graduate student at Florida International University in Miami, who has demonstrated remarkable ability to beat the odds.

Christopher Best

The odds of an amateur bowler scoring a perfect 300 game are estimated to be about one in five hundred. Yet Christopher Best has bowled a perfect game not once, or even twice, but on twelve occasions. For the uninitiated, that means he rolled twelve strikes in a row: one in each of the first nine frames, followed by three more in the tenth frame.

To have done that on twelve occasions, then, is a remarkable feat. There are those who claim that advances in technology have made it easier to bowl a perfect game than it used to be, but they are splitting hairs. To bowl a perfect game, you not only have to maintain your form from start to finish; you also have to battle your nerves and maintain your composure, even as you play in the zone and are throwing strike after strike.

Christopher Best has done this a dozen times. As good as that is, he is far from reaching a world record. According to the United States Bowling Congress Records and Statistics website, a bowler named Jim Hosier of Wayne, New Jersey is the record holder, having bowled 112 perfect games.

Christopher Best is a former high school music teacher. He is now enrolled in a graduate program at Florida International University, working toward his Masters of Finance degree. He also received his Masters degree in Music Education from FIU.


Christopher Best – Finance

Christopher Best is a graduate student at Florida International University in Miami, where he is enrolled in the College of Business and working toward his Master of Science in Finance degree.

Christopher Best

He already holds two FIU degrees in Music Education. He received his Bachelors degree in 2012, and his Masters degree in late 2014. Even as he worked toward completing his coursework he was teaching music in the Miami-Dade County school system, which he began in 2010. During his tenure there he was responsible for organizing all band-related activities and events.

The College of Business curriculum provides grad students with preparation for Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, plus the skills needed to pursue a wide range of specialized financial roles. The Level I CFA tests the student’s knowledge of ethical and professional standards within the financial industry.

Financial analysts serve in a variety of capacities. Generally speaking, they gather financial information and provide advice and recommendations based on their analyses. Financial analysts work for banks and insurance companies, in brokerage firms, and other institutions. They spend a lot of time with spreadsheets and doing financial forecasting. It’s a highly competitive profession.

Christopher Best is also a Finance intern at Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, one of the largest performing arts centers in the country. He works exclusively with the Center’s Finance and Accounting Department. He is on track to complete his Master of Science in Finance degree in 2016.



Christopher Best – How to Choose an Instrument

Christopher Best is a talented musician who plays the saxophone, piano, clarinet and flute. Though he plays four instruments, Christopher Best favors the saxophone and has selected it as his primary instrument. Choosing a primary instrument isn’t easy and, if you’re new to playing music, it’s even more difficult. Though no one can make the choice for you, the following points can help you decide on an instrument to invest your time and money into:

Christopher Best

Research – Once you’ve decided to play an instrument, it’s time to research your options. The world offers hundreds of instruments to choose from. As you research available instruments, you’ll learn about many new styles and hear many new sounds that will increase the depth of your musical palette. Once you understand your options, you’ll be closer to a choice.

Experiment – After you’ve researched your musical options, it’s time to start experimenting. You’ll want to find music stores that will allow you to try out the instruments that interest you most. If you’re interested in exotic instruments, you will likely have to look online for stores that will allow you to rent and try one.

Be Honest – Some instruments might seem “cooler” than others, but after experimenting, you’ll likely have a gut feeling about which is Best for you. Even if the harmonica isn’t always considered the most impressive instrument, for example, if you’re drawn to it you should be honest with yourself and learn to play.

Christopher Best and other musicians often go through a few instruments before they find the perfect fit. Don’t be discouraged if you have to do the same – it’s a natural part of finding the right instrument for you.